The Sea Breeze Inn | A Mediterranean Haven in Middletown, RI

As a designer, every project you take on seems to find a way into your heart as you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into it's evolution - start to finish. With that being said, we must confess that this quaint 16-bedroom Inn nestled just 100 paces from the ocean in Middletown, RI felt like an extra special one to our small design firm from the get go.

As you may or may not know, our founder's husband grew up only a few miles away from the Inn, and they also met and were wed in Newport.  If you think that isn't enough to already have some serious sentimental attachment to a project, add in the fact that it has been owned by an extremely close friend's family for over 25+ years - and you have yourself one very meaningful undertaking. 

Based on all of the above, when this Newport institution was ready for a facelift, it only seemed natural for Grayscale Design to take it on.  Seeing that the ocean is visible from the property, and owners Leeza + Telly both grew up in Greece - a design concept was born shortly after the first meeting: "Mykono's Meets Middletown." Light, cool, and casual blues + whites pulled from the gorgeous islands of Greece paired with modern Coastal New England vibes.  Each room also features unique architectural details and layouts thanks to the team's creative and talented lead architect Dan Herchenroether of Herk Works.  All of this allowed us to play with a mix of design pallets to create a cohesive yet individualized set of rooms and suites for this Boutique hotel. 

We  loved the opportunity to apply our years of experience working in residential interiors to this hospitality project, and certainly look forward to the next exciting challenge in this field!

Interested in a sneak peek before your stay? View our Gallery below:


Property: The Sea Breeze Inn - Middletown, RI

Interior Design + Styling: Grayscale Design Inc

Photography: Maaike Bernstrom Photography