Before + After | From Tween to Teenager

The transition from tween to teenager is an exciting time, often accompanied by the first real glimpses of your child's personal style. The hair, the clothing, everything starts to change - and as they evolve, it's really only fitting that you adapt their room to reflect that.

In this particular case, our client's daughter was turning 13 and while her bedroom had gone through some evolutions, it still had a very "young girl" feel to it (as indicated by the "before" photos).  The room also posed a challenging layout as it included the bow front of their brownstone. While a unique element, the curved shape that made it very hard to function at it's highest capacity without custom pieces.  Which all ultimately resulted in a space that she wasn't particularly interested in spending a lot of time in.

Our goal was to create a more mature space, reflective of her current style that she would want to retreat to. We were thrilled when she came into the project with some very concrete requests, and quickly realized this young lady possessed some very sophisticated taste!  She was acutely aware of the lack of functionality, and it was important to her that the design significantly enhanced that. She also had a distinct vision in terms of aesthetics, requesting a final look that was: white, bright, sophisticated + glamorous. 

In terms of functionality, we resolved this matter with a custom built-in bench, providing a cozy space for doing homework that was also equipped with storage drawers below. Her bed was upgraded from a sweet canopy twin to a beautiful upholstered storage bed from Room & Board.  Seeing that these clients still live in the heart of the city, it was important that every inch of space was still carefully coveted. 

In regards to her aesthetic, we embraced her "sophisticated glam" vibe with whites, hot pinks, magentas, grays and a pop of fur here and there. We installed fabulous, unique lighting fixtures (a feather pendant light + jeweled drip sconce) both glamorous and playful at the same time.  We purchased mirrored dressers from Z Gallery that doubled as nightstands, to once again preserve space. These also perfectly complimented the gorgeous Restoration Hardware Venetian mirror that we knew was a must have for the room.

We loved the gallery wall concept that was already semi-existent, so we carried that into our new design with a more refined collection of photos and some new additions - including the very sassy set of golden gilded lips found at RH Teen. We also carried this idea through to the headboard wall, but wanted to add a "3D" element to it for both storage and display purposes. We styled these square shelves with personal photographs, mementos, books, and even a touch of greenery to pull it all together.  Lastly, we anchored the room with a custom cut pale gray rug from Landry & Arcari, which fit every angle perfectly.

Find the end result below!