Grayscale Intimate Events | A Well Styled Baby Shower

In many of today's urban hubs, it seems as though our mother's pink + blue "teddy-bear theme" is over - and that most expectations of a baby shower have been thrown out with the proverbial bath water. This major life event has evolved into an incredible opportunity to showcase the parent's style, and bring baby into a world that's just a little less kitsch than it was a few decades ago.

So, when it came to celebrating the upcoming birth of our Founder's little one, we worked to channel one thing and one thing only, Misty & Thompson. This began with booking the perfect venue to execute our vision - the incredible Juliet (of Somerville). Named as one of the Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appétit in 2016, we knew it was the ideal space for our event visually, culinarily and "energy"-wise.

After the space was booked, we started on the invitations. We have been long-time fans of Minted, and were able to find a wonderful, gender neutral card that conveyed as much style as it did sweetness - and from here, our decor scheme was born.

We ordered a beautiful baby book from Artifact Uprising in a light, smokey gray + gold, and played off each of these aforementioned details in curating the flowers, vases, balloons, napkins and more. We decided on succulents in white and gray geometric vases as the party favor, and carried these calming neutral tones throughout the entire space, popping in the occasional metallic shade like gold or silver for a subtle splash. 

In the end, we were able to cultivate a lush, chic aesthetic that was a unique departure from some of the rustic / bohemian themes we've encountered lately...and found ourselves with two very happy parents-to-be.

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