Our team will work with you to cultivate the perfect aesthetic for any intimate event
hosted in the privacy of your own stylish home. 

Whether you're hosting a sophisticated fundraiser, a festive celebration, or a spirited soiree - Grayscale Design is here to elevate your upcoming fete, and take all of the stress out of party planning.

With Grayscale, the event planning process is a very fluid one. We're extremely flexible and available to work in tandem with your existing Event Coordinator, or to spearhead the in-home celebration entirely. Our goal is a simple one: to create totally unique and visually stunning intimate experiences utilizing our eye for design, knowledge of your space, and trusted rolodex of the best vendors Boston has to offer.

TESTIMONIAL | Laura, Newton, MA"My favorite part about going to events in other people’s homes is never having to worry about the planning, the set up, the décor, the aesthetic, or any of the other thousand nagging little details.  My favorite thing about having Misty and her team style events in my home?  Exactly the same thing.  I literally walk into my house five minutes before any event starts, get handed a cocktail, freshen up my makeup, and start greeting guests, not as a harried host, but as a happy guest at my own party.  If you want to finally enjoy your events – and have your friends marvel at how you pulled off such an amazing, tasteful, fun event while remaining so calm and graceful – hire Misty!"

Interested in Grayscale for your next soiree? Contact us at any time for an initial consultation.