A SOUTH END NURSERY | Simple Changes for Stunning Results

As we city dwellers know, sometimes there is just simply not enough space - even in a gorgeous, four story brownstone. So, when baby number one comes along and it's time to transform that guest room into a nursery, where does one even begin? Where the hell will you put everything? How do we transform this very adult space into a cozy, kid friendly room without compromising it's character?

In this specific instance, these owners placed one call to our fearless leader Misty Gray, who somehow turned as "adult" a room you can imagine (think: gigantic marble fireplace from the 1800's + original hardwoods) into the darling nursery you see below. 

If calling an interior designer is not an option for you, here are a few tricks of the trade you urbanites can commandeer when transforming any "extra" room into a nursery:

1. PRESERVE PRECIOUS SPACE WITH WALL MOUNTED SHELVING. This is a big space saver, and fun fact, this is also a Montessori practice. It teaches children to select the literature for themselves, which helps with their development. 

2. FLIP WHAT YOU HAVE. It isn't always necessary to buy all new everything. Especially when you have meaningful, existing pieces that you want to hold on to, and very minimal storage. A great way to do this? Purchase a changing table topper to put on top of a dresser that you already own. This also makes your life 10x easier when your little babe grows out of diapers, as you no longer have to find a relative or friend to give your changing table to + dig your old dresser out of storage. 

3. BE SHADY. Sometimes we overlook the little things. You would be shocked to find what a transformation something as simple as switching out a few lamp shades on your existing lights can do for a nursery. As you can see below, we took a very masculine Ralph Lauren floor lamp that was already in the room + replaced it with a dainty white ruffled lampshade. Again, saving storage space, time, and money...as well as becoming one of our favorite details in the room!

4. EMBRACE YOUR INNER A BASKET CASE. Finding cute, complimentary baskets that double as storage is another phenomenal way to keep this room organized without having to add an additional piece of furniture. Plus, in today's world diapers and other baby supplies have become so cute, you are almost happy to display them.

5. DESIGN FROM THE HEART. This room is going to be for your beautiful little baby. When it's finished, it should just feel right. Trust us, you will now.