Residential Radiance | Our All Time Favorite Grayscale Lighting Installations

Here at Grayscale, we view lighting like we do jewelry. This is final chance to tie every element of your design together, or the opportunity to do something unexpected. Just as your simple black dress sometimes needs a brilliant diamond necklace, or your breezy bohemian maxi feels like it calls for loud, artisan multi-colored feather earrings, this very last step can often set the tone for your entire outfit. Or, in this case, the room. 

What you add can be as delicate + subtle as some pearl stud earrings, or as transformative and jaw-dropping as when Eva Mendes' paired this turquoise necklace with a plain white Dior number at the 2009 Globes. Just like jewelry, whether your budget is $100 or $100,000, there is an entire universe of incredible options at your fingertips.

No idea where to even begin? Feel free to pull some inspiration from this gallery of some of our all-time favorite installations:

Please note all images are original renovations completed by Grayscale Design INC.