Hardware + Finishes | What's Trending for 2017

From the classic, durable chrome of the mid-60's, to the Trump Tower-esk 80's bright gold - the evolution of hardware in the design world has always been a fascinating one. Different materials, patinas, and styles (raw / brushed / matte / textured) surface every few years and more often than not, we designers get the first look. 

So, you ask, what's trending in the hardware world this season? Have a peek:



Image Found via instagram by @designstuff_group ROSE GOLD ON BLACK:  @heckerguthrie   @dko_architecture   @fridcorp

Image Found via instagram by @designstuff_group ROSE GOLD ON BLACK: @heckerguthrie @dko_architecture @fridcorp





Image via Ann Sacks: https://www.annsacks.com/collections/athens-silver-cream

Image via Ann Sacks: https://www.annsacks.com/collections/athens-silver-cream

Want to stay ahead of the curve next year? Here's a trade tip - fashion and techonology almost always come first. Be aware of the new watch, jewelry, and apple (products, not the fruit) trends happening around you, and it's more than likely those color pallets will find their way into interiors, hardwares and fixtures.

Not sold? Check out the colors for the new iPhone: Matte black, black, gold, silver, and rose gold. 

Happy hard-waring!