The Trend of Summer: Palm Tree Prints

Palm tree wall coverings are back with a vengeance, and let us just say, we are beleafersThough, things have evolved quite a bit since the famed "Martinique" hit the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. While this print remains timeless - new colors, adaptations, and pattern play has been brought into the world of the Palm...and it has spread from wall coverings to stationary, fabrics, and even  Dolce & Gabbana's pre-fall runway collection.  

As client's continued to inundate us with requests for these leafy prints, we realized we had quite a lovely collection of recommendations forming. From grasscloths, to bold colors and black + whites, the Palm print of 2018 is poised to be the perfect finishing touch for any style home - with the perfect print out there for everybody.

So, without further ado, here's the round up of our favorite prints happening right now: 

Wallpapers Featured Above (images linked to original source):

  1. Matthew Williamson "Tropicana" Wallpaper
  2. Hygge & West "Aja" in Periwinkle by Justina Blakenly
  3. Serena & Lily "Palm" Wallpaper
  4. Phillip Jeffries "Jack's Jungle" by Oomph
  5. CB2 "Palm Wallpaper"
  6. Phillip Jeffries "Ellie's View
  7. Dorothy Draper's "Braziliance" via Society Social
  8. CB2 "Caymen" Black + White Palm Wallpaper
  9. Hygge & West "Nana" Wallpaper in Pink 
  10. Beverly Hill's classic "Martinque" Wallpaper

Before + After | Spacial Planning in a Spherical Master Suite

There are few things as exciting as your clients finding a “diamond in the rough” on the market. Which was exactly the case when our clients approached us with this 4,000 square foot, 8-bedroom Victorian on an extremely private street in Jamaica Plain. It had been overlooked by potential buyers, as the exterior was not exceptionally inviting, but after our first site visit, we were sold. The inside of the home offered an abundance of incredible turn-of-the-century details and charm, and was filled to the brim with potential: 

After they closed on the property, the clients came to use with a vision of restoring the integrity of this Victorian, while transforming it to possess all the modern amenities that one looks for in a home. This included gutting the kitchen, dining room, powder room, and creating the modern Master Suite. Which, by today’s standard, means a bedroom, walk-in closet, and a master bath featuring a soaking tub, shower, and double vanity. Our challenge in doing that was two-fold. The first issue being that the existing master was quite small, and lacked an ensuite bath. The second being that it was very uniquely shaped due to its position within the rounded turret of the home.

(All Photos Above Provided to Boston Magazine via Cervone Deegan + Associates.)

In collaboration with Isamu Kanda of I-Kanda Architects, we agreed to celebrate the spherical shape of the room - versus ignoring it. This also allowed us to utilize only two of the five bedrooms on that floor for a luxurious Master Suite, where the alternative would have required the use of three of the bedrooms, which seemed illogical.

To complement the unique curve shape of the room, we completed the circle by designing a floor-to-ceiling Demilune shaped room divider. This served as the new focal point of the room and created the perfect organic division of space between the Master closet + bedroom. This divider is multi-functional, as one side is a custom floor to ceiling headboard - the other boasts a curved dresser + shelving. The headboard also features floating side tables to conserve floor space.



The end result? Two very happy clients and one of our most unique Master suites!


Misty's Holiday Wish List

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and as an interior designer, the act of gift-giving often comes accompanied with a little added “expectation." After all, people do pay us for our taste! With this in mind, we're constantly sourcing (and saving) the most beautiful pieces we come across throughout the year. Always aiming for insanely high quality, a beautiful aesthetic, and peak functionality - so, by the time December rolls around, we have a fabulous list assembled for friends, family, and clients. 

So, this year, we thought it would only be appropriate to share this list with you! Curated, of course, by our Founder and Chief Tastemaker, Misty Gray.  

Without further ado, we give you our Holiday Wish List:

*please note, you can directly click through the images above to purchase any of these beautiful pieces.


Before + After | From Tween to Teenager

The transition from tween to teenager is an exciting time, often accompanied by the first real glimpses of your child's personal style. The hair, the clothing, everything starts to change - and as they evolve, it's really only fitting that you adapt their room to reflect that.

In this particular case, our client's daughter was turning 13 and while her bedroom had gone through some evolutions, it still had a very "young girl" feel to it (as indicated by the "before" photos).  The room also posed a challenging layout as it included the bow front of their brownstone. While a unique element, the curved shape that made it very hard to function at it's highest capacity without custom pieces.  Which all ultimately resulted in a space that she wasn't particularly interested in spending a lot of time in.

Our goal was to create a more mature space, reflective of her current style that she would want to retreat to. We were thrilled when she came into the project with some very concrete requests, and quickly realized this young lady possessed some very sophisticated taste!  She was acutely aware of the lack of functionality, and it was important to her that the design significantly enhanced that. She also had a distinct vision in terms of aesthetics, requesting a final look that was: white, bright, sophisticated + glamorous. 

In terms of functionality, we resolved this matter with a custom built-in bench, providing a cozy space for doing homework that was also equipped with storage drawers below. Her bed was upgraded from a sweet canopy twin to a beautiful upholstered storage bed from Room & Board.  Seeing that these clients still live in the heart of the city, it was important that every inch of space was still carefully coveted. 

In regards to her aesthetic, we embraced her "sophisticated glam" vibe with whites, hot pinks, magentas, grays and a pop of fur here and there. We installed fabulous, unique lighting fixtures (a feather pendant light + jeweled drip sconce) both glamorous and playful at the same time.  We purchased mirrored dressers from Z Gallery that doubled as nightstands, to once again preserve space. These also perfectly complimented the gorgeous Restoration Hardware Venetian mirror that we knew was a must have for the room.

We loved the gallery wall concept that was already semi-existent, so we carried that into our new design with a more refined collection of photos and some new additions - including the very sassy set of golden gilded lips found at RH Teen. We also carried this idea through to the headboard wall, but wanted to add a "3D" element to it for both storage and display purposes. We styled these square shelves with personal photographs, mementos, books, and even a touch of greenery to pull it all together.  Lastly, we anchored the room with a custom cut pale gray rug from Landry & Arcari, which fit every angle perfectly.

Find the end result below!




Shop Local | Boston's Best Boutiques

With #smallbusinesssaturday upon us, we felt overjoyed that it was finally the proper time to curate a "roundup" of our favorite local purveyors. As a Boston-based business ourselves, there are few things we love more than seeing these creative, unique companies flourish...all while making the streets of our fair city brighter and more beautiful. 

So, without further ado, enjoy this list of our go-to haunts for gift-giving season. Each offering their own perfect combination of soul, style and sincerity:

OLIVES + GRACE (The South End) | "A Curtsy to the Makers."

Opened by Sofi Madison in 2012, Olives + Grace is now annually recognized as the "Best Gifts" in Boston by Boston Magazine. It is regarded as "a trusted source for craftsman to gain exposure, residents to discover well-made gifts, and a place for good people to come together to support the local movement." We dare you to leave empty-handed. 

NICHE | Urban Garden Supply (South End + Cambridge)  | "Plants. Pots. Design"

Niche is the "urban garden" holy grail. In both of their charming locations, they offer houseplants, succulents, terrariums and design accents (as well as custom work) along with workshops and classes on a regular basis. Furthermore, it may hold the title of Boston's most "instagrammable" shop.

FOLLAIN (The South End) | "The best of clean beauty, thoughtfully curated."

Launched in 2013 by local #ladyboss Tara Follain, this company was founded on the principle that "no one should have to compromise their health for beauty." Together with their clients and makers, Follain fights to take a stand against toxins in personal care, refusing to settle for anything but the safest, most effective products. As they put it, they are "shifting mindsets — and building a community of activists who want a better kind of beauty." Plus, their interior aesthetic is so relaxing you may never want to leave. 

BOSTON GENERAL STORE (Brookline + Dedham) | "Purveyors"  

An irresistible staple of Coolidge Corner (and Dedham), Boston General store was founded in 2013 by April Gabriel. In discussing her objective for opening, she writes "the goal of Boston General Store is to capture that spirit of how my grandmother lived, by purveying functional, high-quality goods, crafted by makers from around the world who share the same dedication for moving passed the generation of disposability," and clearly, they are achieving just that. It's impossible to leave this shop without finding the perfect something (or twelve somethings) for that friend who is "impossible to buy for."  

DECEMBER THIEVES (Beacon Hill) | "Emerging designer brands and the stories they tell"

Perpetually a winner of every award a Boston-based publication can give out, December Thieves (founded by Boston Entrepreneur Lana Barakat) boasts a beautiful selection eclectic, unique offerings that you simply won't find elsewhere in Boston. The fact that it (and it's sister store Heist) reside on one of Boston's most beautiful streets is just an added bonus. 

PATCH NYC (South End)  |  "New York City born and Boston based."

Created by designers Don Carney + John Ross in 1997, PATCH NYC was originally home for a collection of hand-detailed hats and textiles. Nearly twenty years later, it has "evolved into a lifestyle studio creating original art and designing collections of home decor and fashion accessories including costume jewelry, scarves and the HUNTER line of sterling and one-of-a-kind jewelry." Jon + Don have curated lines for decor giants like West Elm, Anthroplogie, Target, Barnes & Noble and more - and have been features in the NY Times, Martha Stewart Living, and more. 

Happy Hunting!

Grayscale Intimate Events | A Well Styled Baby Shower

In many of today's urban hubs, it seems as though our mother's pink + blue "teddy-bear theme" is over - and that most expectations of a baby shower have been thrown out with the proverbial bath water. This major life event has evolved into an incredible opportunity to showcase the parent's style, and bring baby into a world that's just a little less kitsch than it was a few decades ago.

So, when it came to celebrating the upcoming birth of our Founder's little one, we worked to channel one thing and one thing only, Misty & Thompson. This began with booking the perfect venue to execute our vision - the incredible Juliet (of Somerville). Named as one of the Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appétit in 2016, we knew it was the ideal space for our event visually, culinarily and "energy"-wise.

After the space was booked, we started on the invitations. We have been long-time fans of Minted, and were able to find a wonderful, gender neutral card that conveyed as much style as it did sweetness - and from here, our decor scheme was born.

We ordered a beautiful baby book from Artifact Uprising in a light, smokey gray + gold, and played off each of these aforementioned details in curating the flowers, vases, balloons, napkins and more. We decided on succulents in white and gray geometric vases as the party favor, and carried these calming neutral tones throughout the entire space, popping in the occasional metallic shade like gold or silver for a subtle splash. 

In the end, we were able to cultivate a lush, chic aesthetic that was a unique departure from some of the rustic / bohemian themes we've encountered lately...and found ourselves with two very happy parents-to-be.

Find Inspiration Below:

"Shelfie" Nation | Our Favorite Grayscale Shelf Styling

Just as "the selfie" became an integral part of our generation's lexicon, as did the "the shelfie." Defined by Urban Dictionary quite simply as "a  picture of things on the shelf ," this phenomenon of a well styled bookcase or mantle has been going on in interior design for decades - and Grayscale is certainly no stranger to it. So, we thought we would have a little fun this Tuesday and take a look back at some of our all time favorite "shelfies…” Hopefully there’s some inspiration in here for you as well.


Now get to styling!

A SOUTH END NURSERY | Simple Changes for Stunning Results

As we city dwellers know, sometimes there is just simply not enough space - even in a gorgeous, four story brownstone. So, when baby number one comes along and it's time to transform that guest room into a nursery, where does one even begin? Where the hell will you put everything? How do we transform this very adult space into a cozy, kid friendly room without compromising it's character?

In this specific instance, these owners placed one call to our fearless leader Misty Gray, who somehow turned as "adult" a room you can imagine (think: gigantic marble fireplace from the 1800's + original hardwoods) into the darling nursery you see below. 

If calling an interior designer is not an option for you, here are a few tricks of the trade you urbanites can commandeer when transforming any "extra" room into a nursery:

1. PRESERVE PRECIOUS SPACE WITH WALL MOUNTED SHELVING. This is a big space saver, and fun fact, this is also a Montessori practice. It teaches children to select the literature for themselves, which helps with their development. 

2. FLIP WHAT YOU HAVE. It isn't always necessary to buy all new everything. Especially when you have meaningful, existing pieces that you want to hold on to, and very minimal storage. A great way to do this? Purchase a changing table topper to put on top of a dresser that you already own. This also makes your life 10x easier when your little babe grows out of diapers, as you no longer have to find a relative or friend to give your changing table to + dig your old dresser out of storage. 

3. BE SHADY. Sometimes we overlook the little things. You would be shocked to find what a transformation something as simple as switching out a few lamp shades on your existing lights can do for a nursery. As you can see below, we took a very masculine Ralph Lauren floor lamp that was already in the room + replaced it with a dainty white ruffled lampshade. Again, saving storage space, time, and well as becoming one of our favorite details in the room!

4. EMBRACE YOUR INNER A BASKET CASE. Finding cute, complimentary baskets that double as storage is another phenomenal way to keep this room organized without having to add an additional piece of furniture. Plus, in today's world diapers and other baby supplies have become so cute, you are almost happy to display them.

5. DESIGN FROM THE HEART. This room is going to be for your beautiful little baby. When it's finished, it should just feel right. Trust us, you will now.



10 Unique Bar Carts + How to Style Them

"Serving" as one of the hottest interior trends of the past few decades, bar carts have not only become a practical staple for any home, but also an extremely stylish one. Some would even say they've evolved into a downright necessity.

So, without further ado, here are our 10 favorite picks for this timeless essential:

...and now that you have finally found the perfect bar cart. What are you going to do with it? The first step is to clear out those unreachable cabinets that have been hiding your untouched liquor for years. Transfer some other items into this new found storage, as you move its' previous contents to your very utilitarian bar cart. Aside from functionality, be sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to also tie in your personal style with the rest of your home a'la your bar cart. After decorating many in-home bars, we have found that the following steps can really elevate this piece to new heights:

1. Include a Pop of Color: Like this vibrant, tiki inspired glassware from the Bar Cartist

2. Stack Up Bar / Beverage Related Books: Check out this fabulous list from Cool Material to start

3. Incorporate Actual Bar Accessories: Such as this fun Barware Kit from West Elm

4. Add Flowers / Succulents, to Everything: Click to see the "Oh Joy!" Blog nailing it

5. Purchase a Gold Pineapple Ice Bucket: (because, duh)

May your carts stay beautiful, and your bottles stay empty!


Rhode Island | New England's Artisanal Furniture Hub?

Like many industries, the production of furniture has become a very commercialized one over the last few...centuries. While this has helped in providing endless, ever-evolving options for designer's to select from, in some cases there is simply no denying the necessity (and beauty) of a handcrafted piece.

Whether it's allowing you the flexibility create something completely custom based on a specific set of specs + finishes, or the incredible story behind the handmade piece that elevates it from being attractive + functional to being a true piece of art, there are many reasons why we will turn to some of our favorite local artisans when selecting unique looks for our clients.

In the search for the perfect piece, you may be surprised to discover that this journey often leads us to the itty bitty state of Rhode Island. Which, if you dig a bit deeper into the world of hand crafted furniture, you will find that the Ocean State has an incredibly rich history in this industry. From Colonial times through the 19th century, the culture surrounding artisan furniture was deeply rooted in Rhody, and has remained a pervasive craft here ever since.

While the style has certainly evolved since Colonial times - the painstaking attention to detail, as well as the heart and soul poured into every item continues to live on. Which is why the following makers are some of our first stops on the road to finding the perfect "one of a kind" piece for our clients:

1. O+G STUDIO (Warren, RI)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Based in Rhode Island, O&G Studio looks toward the rich history of American design traditions for inspiration.  With designs ranging from Contemporary Windsor Chairs, settees and benches to stools, dining tables, accents lighting and hardware; O&G has made a mark on the contemporary heirloom quality design and manufacturing market.  Playing with scale and proportion O&G brings traditional motifs into the 21st Century creating timeless designs.

2. STUDIO DUNN (Rumford, RI)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Each piece of DUNN furniture and lighting is handcrafted upon order in our Rhode Island studio, customized to suit your every need.

3. STUDIO ENDO (Providence, RI)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Studio Endo is a furniture and lighting design company committed to optimizing natural materials and creating one of a kind products that transform spaces. Inspired by bold yet refined elements, every tells a story reflects the aesthetic principles of traditional and modern Japanese culture. 

4. LORIMER STUDIOS (Providence, RI)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Lorimer Studios is located in the heart of industrial Providence, Rhode Island. David and his small crew are committed to quality, painstakingly crafting exactly the piece that each customer wants in their home or business. We are really happy to connect with new people all over the globe with a shared interest in simple well-crafted tables. We make custom tables that last for families, designers, decorators and companies. Our tables have been featured in The New York Times MagazineDesign SpongeApartment Therapy, and ETSY’s Process blog.

The Sea Breeze Inn | A Mediterranean Haven in Middletown, RI

As a designer, every project you take on seems to find a way into your heart as you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into it's evolution - start to finish. With that being said, we must confess that this quaint 16-bedroom Inn nestled just 100 paces from the ocean in Middletown, RI felt like an extra special one to our small design firm from the get go.

As you may or may not know, our founder's husband grew up only a few miles away from the Inn, and they also met and were wed in Newport.  If you think that isn't enough to already have some serious sentimental attachment to a project, add in the fact that it has been owned by an extremely close friend's family for over 25+ years - and you have yourself one very meaningful undertaking. 

Based on all of the above, when this Newport institution was ready for a facelift, it only seemed natural for Grayscale Design to take it on.  Seeing that the ocean is visible from the property, and owners Leeza + Telly both grew up in Greece - a design concept was born shortly after the first meeting: "Mykono's Meets Middletown." Light, cool, and casual blues + whites pulled from the gorgeous islands of Greece paired with modern Coastal New England vibes.  Each room also features unique architectural details and layouts thanks to the team's creative and talented lead architect Dan Herchenroether of Herk Works.  All of this allowed us to play with a mix of design pallets to create a cohesive yet individualized set of rooms and suites for this Boutique hotel. 

We  loved the opportunity to apply our years of experience working in residential interiors to this hospitality project, and certainly look forward to the next exciting challenge in this field!

Interested in a sneak peek before your stay? View our Gallery below:


Property: The Sea Breeze Inn - Middletown, RI

Interior Design + Styling: Grayscale Design Inc

Photography: Maaike Bernstrom Photography


5 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Interior Photoshoot | GRAYSCALE DESIGN TIPS

As most of you know, hiring a professional photographer for a full day of shooting can be quite the investment for a small firm. So, here at Grayscale, we have developed five fool-proof tactics that we always practice to ensure we get the most out of all our interior shoots:

1. IDENTIFY YOUR INTENTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Establishing exactly what these images will be used for is always our first consideration when it comes to any shoot. Are these images for a specific social platform? For all of your social platforms? Are they solely for your website's design portfolio, or to pitch to potential publications? Each of these intentions facilitates different imagery, and establishing this beforehand is exponentially important for the photographer + your staff.

2. PROVIDE A SHOT LIST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 After you've identified your intention, it's always extremely helpful to provide the photographer with some more details on the images you want to see from the shoot. Shooting only for social media? Provide the photographer with some sample accounts + imagery that inspire you. Adding the images to your portfolio? Ensure they have visited your existing online portfolio, and have a discussion about the aesthetic you are hoping to achieve. Once again, this will just ensure that you are both on the same page + that the final product will be optimized for whatever platform you are using it for!

3. PREP AHEAD                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We know it seems obvious - but making a list of your go-to items, purchasing + loading them up the day before saves an enormous amount of time and energy on the day of the shoot. Typically, we'll have a team pow-wow the day before which dictates what items we already have that compliment the project, as well as a few items to purchase. For example, we've been known to bring the following for a half or full day shoot:

  • Flowers, flowers, and then more flowers
  • Vases of every size, shape, and color
  • Bubbly, rose, various wine bottles that compliment the space
  • Wine glasses + champagne flutes
  • Dining wear + kitchen accessories
  • Fruit for a wonderful pop of color
  • Small sculptures
  • Frames
  • Antique books + coffee table books
  • Succulents + various potted plants
  • Throw pillows
  • Bedroom Textiles, throws + tablecloths 
  • and the list goes on and on

4. BE PRESENT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               While we of course only hire photographers that we trust and immensely admire - it is still important to be in attendance on the day of the shoot. Naturally, designers and photographers enter any space with a different eye - and more often than not, when you combine those visions into one, you get the best result! Just be certain that your participation it is a creative collaboration, and not just you sitting around telling the photographer how to do their job.

5. HAVE FUN!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Photoshoot = a completed project! Take a moment to give yourself a serious pat on the back for all of the blood, sweat, and tears that undoubtedly went into this design. Play around with the space, flex your creative chops, and don't be afraid to take some risks. The beauty of photography is it's fluidity, and the ability to capture hundreds of images in a mere few hours. So move furniture, rearrange bouquets, pop the bubbly and enjoy!

See some examples from a recent photo shoot below:

Residential Radiance | Our All Time Favorite Grayscale Lighting Installations

Here at Grayscale, we view lighting like we do jewelry. This is final chance to tie every element of your design together, or the opportunity to do something unexpected. Just as your simple black dress sometimes needs a brilliant diamond necklace, or your breezy bohemian maxi feels like it calls for loud, artisan multi-colored feather earrings, this very last step can often set the tone for your entire outfit. Or, in this case, the room. 

What you add can be as delicate + subtle as some pearl stud earrings, or as transformative and jaw-dropping as when Eva Mendes' paired this turquoise necklace with a plain white Dior number at the 2009 Globes. Just like jewelry, whether your budget is $100 or $100,000, there is an entire universe of incredible options at your fingertips.

No idea where to even begin? Feel free to pull some inspiration from this gallery of some of our all-time favorite installations:

Please note all images are original renovations completed by Grayscale Design INC.

The World of Wallpaper | Contemporary Companies to Watch in 2017

When our Founder Misty Gray entered into the professional world of interior design, just the mention of "wallpaper" made her cringe.  She was still haunted by memories of stripping 60's style floral wallpaper off of the dining room walls in her childhood home.

As her design education continued, she realized that the industry seemed to share her exact sentiments. No one was really talking about wallpaper in design school, or featuring it in projects. Even HGTV and the big name home decor magazines seemed to really focus on showcasing the transformative powers of a fresh, clean paint job. 

Then, around the mid 2000's, it became very clear that the world of our grandmother's wallpaper had evolved.  Traditional patterns began to be pushed into much more contemporary realms, and progressive designs that were once only available in commercial spaces began to trickle down into residential. The years passed, and incredible new colors, patterns and materials started emerging in the burgeoning world of "wall covering."

This was of course around the same time that Misty turned a corner on wallpaper and found herself suddenly using it everywhere she could. Companies were emerging left and right with show-stopping new designs and materials.  They began experimenting with the tension of the old and new by using subtle color and pattern plays. Others were throwing subtle out of the window + putting out insanely bold, eye catching designs. Some were even merging the two, creating unexpected (and sometimes even naughty) imagery though more subtle, traditional patterns. The options truly became endless. 

Now, in 2017, the industry has become an art form in it's own right - and as it continues to expand and and mature, we would be lying if we said we haven't picked up a few favorites along the way. Each of these companies offer a different, but edgy + avant-garde approach to the world of wallpaper, and we highly suggest keeping an eye on all of them: 


AREA ENVIRONMENTSA fairly young "creative studio" that produces + curates exclusive wallpapers and large-scale murals from original work by contemporary artists.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


ASTEK INCAstek Inc. is a leader in both the wallcovering and custom digital printing industries. Have a particular image or design that doesn't exist but you have always dreamed of seeing as wall paper? Astek has you covered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


MERENDA WALLPAPERA contemporary wallpaper design, manufacturing and installation studio inspired by near and far away lands, graffiti, tattoo art, abandoned buildings, underground history and the impermanence of all things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


FLAVOR PAPERThis self proclaimed "not your mother's wallpaper" company  based out of Brooklyn offers a range of bold, edgy designs from curious plays on toille to Andy Warhol inspired pop art.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

We hope you love them as much as we do! 

"Coastal Organic" | Wedding Inspiration for Your Seaside Ceremony

As wedding season approaches, we New Englander's are often fortunate enough to find ourselves running off to a seaside ceremony every other weekend in many of this region's most charming coastal towns.

From Falmouth, to Kennebunkport, to Newport, RI - every location is gorgeous, and every occasion momentous. Alas, we must confess that after after attending your 7th wedding on the water, sometimes a more obvious "coastal" theme can begin to feel a bit, redundant. Which, our Founder Misty Gray was acutely aware of when she began thinking about the aesthetic for her own nuptials. 

Seeing that this would be the union of two native New Englander's (raised in Newburyport + Newport), she of course wanted to incorporate all of those quintessentially coastal elements into the big day - without having it smack you in the face.

Fortunately, with her trained eye in design and natural ability to bring out the beauty in everything, she settled on a "Coastal Organic" vibe - and the rest evolved from there.

As you can see from the gallery below, this idea allowed the bride and groom to incorporate the more natural elements of a New England beach town into their big day. Serving as a more subtle homage to the location of the wedding and allowing guests to feel extremely relaxed in a simultaneously high end setting. From beached wood to oyster shells + local vegetation - mixed with her grandmother's silver, crisp white linens and of course, the Newport Trolly, this day became the perfect mix of sentiment and style. Find inspiration in our gallery below:

Hardware + Finishes | What's Trending for 2017

From the classic, durable chrome of the mid-60's, to the Trump Tower-esk 80's bright gold - the evolution of hardware in the design world has always been a fascinating one. Different materials, patinas, and styles (raw / brushed / matte / textured) surface every few years and more often than not, we designers get the first look. 

So, you ask, what's trending in the hardware world this season? Have a peek:



Image Found via instagram by @designstuff_group ROSE GOLD ON BLACK:  @heckerguthrie   @dko_architecture   @fridcorp

Image Found via instagram by @designstuff_group ROSE GOLD ON BLACK: @heckerguthrie @dko_architecture @fridcorp





Image via Ann Sacks:

Image via Ann Sacks:

Want to stay ahead of the curve next year? Here's a trade tip - fashion and techonology almost always come first. Be aware of the new watch, jewelry, and apple (products, not the fruit) trends happening around you, and it's more than likely those color pallets will find their way into interiors, hardwares and fixtures.

Not sold? Check out the colors for the new iPhone: Matte black, black, gold, silver, and rose gold. 

Happy hard-waring!

Small Spaces, Big City | Making Your Small Home Work for You

As we city folk know, it's not always easy to make a small space renovation both functional and (insert Carrie Bradshaw voice), "fabulous." Small square footage can sometimes feel like it's forcing your hand to go the "minimalist" route with your design and decor, to avoid over-cluttering and overwhelming your home. 

This is where a few tricks of the trade from a design professional can really go a long way. Just because a space is small, it doesn't mean you can't apply your own style to it. Is your natural aesthetic bohemian chic? Do you own more potted plants than the flower shop next door? Or more wall art than a small gallery? Don’t fret, that can also work in a 650 square foot condo. In the end, it's really just about proper planning, and maximizing every inch of your new space.

Lets start with the kitchen, for example. In a smaller condo you realize very quickly how important an exceptionally functional kitchen becomes. First, we highly suggest installing your upper cabinets tight to the ceiling, not only increasing your storage but adding visual height to the space. Leaving that foot (or sometimes more) between the cabinets and ceiling creates dead, and often dusty space. Also consider maximizing your lower cabinet storage with drawers instead of your standard cabinet with interior shelves. Drawers are becoming the new standard for good kitchen planning, allowing you to easily access and see all your items at once.

A final creative kitchen tip? Use your under counter drawers as a pantry, and for dry produce storage. Too often we see largely under utilized spaces dedicated to pantry storage - so this alternative can be a great option for a small footprint, and keep the space feeling open and organized. 

Another extremely important item when you’re thinking of buying and renovating a small condo? Take inventory of your needs before you start talking design. Have you purged all your unnecessary items? Have you thought about how accessible the items you need must be? Do you want some displayed? Some hidden away in an attic or basement? Once your mental rolodex of necessities is complete, you can convey all of this to your designer or architect and proceed from there. This will again optimize your space, and also be decidedly helpful in keeping your small home clean and tidy. Which is also vital in making the space seem bigger than it really is. 

At Grayscale, we have also found that incorporating custom pieces into your redesign can be exponentially helpful. For example, in the image below there was actually a soffit running from the basement all the way to the third floor - making it extremely difficult for this client to find a place for the table and chairs she wanted in the kitchen. We quickly resolved this issue by contracting a custom table that fit perfectly around the soffit. This allowed her to have the layout she desired, without using up any unnecessary space. Which again, in a small apartment, is key. We understand custom pieces can certainly be an investment, but in the end we have found their convenience + functionality far outweighs their price.

A few other things to keep in mind? Never forget that natural light is your friend, and that the higher the ceilings, often the better. Above all - remember to do you! Your home is your temple. It is your place to relax, be yourself, and feel calm + comfortable. Don’t feel obligated to design it a certain way due to space limitations. Using these tips, we’re certain your can find the perfect balance between functional and *fabulous.* Whatever that may mean for you!

Be Bold | Adventurous Tile Design in Your Home

Did you recently find a highly textured or vibrantly colored tile that you are in love with - but have no idea how to use it in your home renovation? Fear not, we are here to help.

Here at Grayscale, we're huge fans of unique, unexpected tile designs. They're an amazing way to add colossal amounts of character to any room, but can also overwhelm a space if they are not done properly. So, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend placing them in eye-catching spaces such as fireplaces, wet bars, accent walls, and of course, as a backsplash.

Each of these aforementioned spots can be the perfect medium for a daring tile pattern. You will also find that adding a small pop of color or fun texture is an easy and impressive way enhance your overall design concept without being a seasoned interior professional. It's also an excellent way to create cohesiveness throughout the entire home.

For example, in the first two images below you can see that we used an Ann Sacks "Versailles" mirror tile as the backsplash for the dining room wet bar, as well as for the living room fireplace. This created a unique look that was cohesive, without feeling redundant or stale.

Moral of the story - be all the right places.

For more inspiration, view our galley below:

Like what you see? We also recommend viewing the Ann Sacks Gallery page for even more inspiration - as they are a preferred vendor here at Grayscale: 

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